ABOUT US  Alan Landon is good with his hands. As a young man he worked as a bricklayer, traveling up and down the east coast in a van gypsy style, before it was cool. In 1992 he came to the Big Island of Hawaii to help his friend remodel a home on the Hamakua Coast. He never left. With no bricks in sight, Landon found a creative outlet in local hardwoods - Koa, Ohia, Monkeypod, and fruit woods like Mango, Lychee and Guava.   Each tree and piece of wood that finds it’s way into his workshop has it’s own story. Where it came from, it’s personality and individual character. “Lychee Is my favorite wood to work with,” says Landon. “It’s tricky, but has an absolutely stunning color and grain pattern.”   He handcrafts decorative knives, jewelry, and custom commissions. Landon sources his wood from island tree trimmers and left-overs from cleared land. Beautiful woods destined for the green waste drop-off find a new lease on life in his hands.   “Each piece,” says Landon, “is inspired by the person I am making it for. It comes from the heart.”   
    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Handcrafted from Big Island hardwood. Natural teak oil finish. Each piece is uniquely inspired, and sustainably sourced. These clubs are used for decor and fishing.  Custom commissions starting at $80.00.      
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