Love Letter to a Friend

By M the Writer

Teagan the Tiger, by Cassy White

Teagan the Tiger, by Cassy White

908 days ago I crossed paths with one badass woman.  

Her name is Cassy White, and this week she moved to LA. I already miss her. I want to take a moment to share how this woman, who has become a dear friend over the last two and a half years, has inspired me.

When I met Cassy in 2016, I was working as a waitress and about to snap. Like, stab someone in the eye with a fork if they asked for one more separate check kind of lose it. I served cheeseburgers and beers full of quiet rage (if you were one of my customers during this time, I apologize), but I was really furious with myself, and my inability to make a change. I felt like there was something more I was supposed to be doing, that I was not aligned with my true purpose.

For some reason, I felt safe opening up to Cassy right off the bat. When I told her about my insane thoughts over coffee one night in a Target Starbucks, she didn’t recoil in fear or judge me. She just laughed and smiled at me. She was living out her dreams - working as a full-time artist - and shared with me the struggles it took to get there and stay there. Her real, unfiltered perspective gave me hope. If she could do it, maybe I could, too, I thought. Then my head promptly told me, “you’re crazy”.

Two and a half years later, I’m not that homicidal waitress anymore, although some days I do fantasize about all those cash tips. Today, I’m a self-employed writer. I get to tell people’s stories for a living, using the power of words to build their brand and bring them more business. I get chills when I’m writing. It makes me feel useful, doing this simple thing I’m good at and using it to support others in what they love. In essence, I think that’s what lies at the core of any fulfilling life - being appreciated for exactly what and who you truly are.

Cassy introduced me to the idea of inviting God and spirituality into all aspects of my life, especially my work.

She told me that the desires of our hearts, however wild and far-fetched they may be, are not something to be ignored. They were put there by a power greater than ourselves, and they are sacred.

People who ignore this calling block themselves off. You can tell because their internal lights are extinguished - like a zombie. That was me for a long time.

When I look at Cassy’s art, I see the spiritual connection. She was one of my very first writing clients who hired me to write a bio for her website. When I interviewed her, she talked about how she feels close to God when she’s creating - like this force is working through her. It’s not her alone in the room. I was struck by the humility of this statement. Humility - it’s a quality that I find increasingly attractive in a person. So is faith.

Faith is the opposite of fear. Cassy showed me how to start making decisions in my life based on faith, rather than fear. What’s the secret? Take action, even if your mind says otherwise. I remember when she encouraged me to join this business networking group, which was my absolute worst nightmare as a socially awkward person. I was terrified of having to speak in front of a large group of people, of having to network and make small talk - but I did it anyway because she did it. As a result, we both got more business. It opened doors for me that allowed me to quit my waitressing job, and helped me feel more confident walking into a room full of strangers.

I’ve learned, by following her example, that every time I make a decision in faith, despite fear, I’m always rewarded.

As I write this, thinking about her across the ocean in a new city, I can’t help but admire this leap of faith she’s taking. I know that God, or The Universe, or at the very least the great city of Los Angeles is going to take very good care of her.

Because, how could a woman like her not steal their heart?

She’s got mine.


Follow Cassy May White on Instagram @cassymaywhite and Facebook @Cassywhiteart. Visit her website at, and if you’re in LA, take her out to dinner and pick up the tab. She likes Thai food.


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