HOW IT ALL STARTED   Rick Bettua has spent most of his life underwater. At nine years old, he got his hands on his very first speargun in Vero Beach, Florida and when he shot his first fish, a love was born. At 17, he joined the Navy as a Deep Sea Diver and later became a Navy Master Diver. He spent the next 30 years traveling the world’s oceans, visiting over 80 different countries around the globe. No matter where he was, his down time was spent spearfishing.  In 1998, he began building his own speargun components. Deployed to isolated places like the island of Diego Garcia and the Arctic Circle, Bettua’s early designs were inspired by a need for portability, durability and performance in some of the most remote, rugged waters on Earth. Military grade materials like carbon fiber and kevlar replaced traditional wood, and smart security features like the automatic safety took note from tactical weapons. The result: a superior speargun that boasts more bluewater world record fish than any other brand to date.   “I’m a diver, not an engineer. Every design decision I make is informed by my experience in the water.”   — RICK BETTUA
    PHILOSOPHY   Innovation and improvement is a constant process. All Aimrite spearguns are designed, built and tested in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii by Bettua and his family of divers. Bettua himself travels several time per year to some of the most remote areas of the world testing his spearguns in real world situations as well as spending countless hours testing his guns in a training tank to ensure utmost performance.   “Materials and manufacturing processes are constantly evolving - becoming lighter and stronger. Our job is to never be satisfied with what we have created but rather look forward to what we will create”   — RICK BETTUA    Giving back, and supporting youth divers in the sport is at the center of Aimrite America’s mission. The company donates dozens of their spearguns every year to children in Hawaii and to youth competitions around the world as well as charities which support children.   Every Aimrite speargun is backed by a lifetime guarantee. The reason we can do this is because we build equipment that will last a lifetime and for generations to come.    Web design by Two Finch Media. Photos courtesy of Aimrite America.
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